Posting on Facebook and any other form of social media can be daunting for new users and boring or those in the know. The age old question is 'When is the best time to post on my facebook page to get the most interaction?' Hopefully I will be able to provide you with some answers before it all changes, like a google algorithm!

In my research I chose to stick with 3 reference websites, sproutsocial, and oberlo and came up with completely different results.

Socialsprout broke down their 'best times' to relevant interaction.

Global Engagement - 

Nonprofits - 

Educational - 

Healthcare - 

Techs - 

Consumers - found that Friday's have the happiest posts's results come to the conclusion that the best time to post on Facebook is between noon to 4pm with the best days to post being Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.(2)

Not only do Fridays (Thrusday being a close 2nd) account for 17% of all Facebook comments and 16% of all likes and shares, they also have the highest happiness index of any day of the week at 10% ( site these statistics were from research from TruConversion).

Oberlo came to the concusion that the peak time for workers was between 1pm and 4pm during work hours

Orberlo's results show that for maximum exposure to your following, the best time to post on Facebook during the week is between 1 pm and 4 pm during work hours. That’s likely because many Facebook users browse on their desktops and check it during downtime at work. Although the best time to post on Facebook on a Sunday is at 3 pm(3)

Things to consider when posting to Facebook

Times and days to post

Target audience location

Whether you are creating a post or scheduling a post for facebook (or any other social media platforms) take into account the audience location. For example what is the time zone of your target market? Let's say an Australian tourism company is planning on posting a promotion to attract Americans to Australia the post will need to be scheduled for the American time zone. Posting to an Australian time zone will mean you are missing your target audience with losses to engagement, shares and likes. 

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