Jacquie Colhoun
Category: Digital Marketing
Prepare your social media for the Christmas Break
Now you will be able to Relax & Enjoy your Christmas Break!

We all know who busy it can get closer to the Christmas break, there are parties, shopping, clients wanting something done at the last minute, did I mention parties? Here's how you can survive the Christmas Break by creating and scheduling your posts in advance.

  1. Create your Christmas content calendar
  2. Create your content – utilise Christmas templates and free stock images
  3. Schedule your content
  4. Update your cover image to something festive
  5. Create a special offer
  6. Update hours of operation – Google etc… 
  7. Post Christmas

1. Create your Christmas Calendar with a Scheduling Plan

Prepare your Christmas Posts for your social media by:


2. Create your content

Using your Scheduling Plan you can now write and create your content.

Find or Create:


Create Christmas Content for Social Media Scheduling

3. Schedule your social media posts via your selected social media platforms

Using your Scheduling Plan, create your posts to your social media.

For those that you can’t schedule posts to try Hootsuite


Schedule your Christmas Social Media Posts

4. Update your cover and profile images to something festive

Create a cover and profile photos for your social media accounts that announces either:

5. Create special offers (if relevant to your business)

Create a special holiday season offer that you can email out to your clients and also share to your social media accounts.


Create & Post Christmas Specials to your social media platforms

6. Update your hours of operation

Don't forget to update your hours of operation over the Christmas break. Keep in mind that some platforms may take a couple of days to update or you may need to verify the changes so make sure you have allowed enough time for the changes to take place.


7. Post Christmas Reminders

Set yourself calendar reminders to: